Appellate litigation is not merely a continuation of trial court proceedings, but a specialized area of practice that requires particular knowledge and skill. With nearly a decade of appellate experience, we have the expertise needed to win on appeal.

Appellate judges typically have more time and resources to review briefs than trial judges, and are often more concerned with the overall coherence of the law than the result in your particular case. That being so, writing an appellate brief requires seeing the case through a broader – yet more rigorous – lens than was used below. It also requires telling a compelling story to judges otherwise unfamiliar with the case. With extensive experience representing clients in state and federal appeals, including appeals to the Michigan Supreme Court, Nick has a keen sense of what judges want to know before ruling in your favor. Both in briefing and at oral argument, he addresses the complexities of the case in a straightforward manner, establishing credibility for his clients.

Appeals within a regulatory agency require unique considerations. Every agency is different, and it is crucial to understand the culture, procedures, and distinctive jargon used by the decisionmakers in your case. Understanding this need, Nick researches the agency’s tendencies and prior decisions to present the most compelling arguments on appeal. He has represented clients in many different types of agency proceedings, including matters before local zoning boards, military correction boards, the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the United States Coast Guard.

Not all attorneys enjoy hunkering down in a library, pouring over case law, and meticulously selecting each word and phrase of a brief. If you’d rather be doing something else, we’re happy to help with research and writing. Depending on your preference, Nick can either join your team as co-counsel or can work behind the scenes on a freelance basis. We offer both hourly and flat-fee rates for these services.


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