Whether you are buying or selling land, in a boundary dispute, or hoping to put a piece of land to new use, it is important to understand the complex legal rules governing real estate. We help clients work through these issues so they can enjoy and productively use their property.

We assist clients with real estate purchases, sales, leases, and other acquisition arrangements. From the initial stages of contract negotiation through closing, we work to ensure a smooth transaction that protects our clients’ interests and helps them achieve their goals.

While many people don’t realize it, the use of land is heavily regulated at the local, state, and sometimes even federal level. Sorting through these overlapping regulations can be a daunting task. We help clients understand their land-use rights and guide them through the needed permitting processes. With years of experience representing planning commissions and other zoning boards, Nick understands the concerns and factors that go into permitting decisions. He has successfully represented clients in seeking special use approvals, wetlands permits, building-code variances, and other land use approvals.

The American system for tracking interests in real estate is rather remarkable. For centuries, we have taken great care to survey every inch of the country and record transactions in a publicly accessible manner. Even still, disagreements over real estate are fairly common. We help clients identify and work through “clouded” title issues, both through negotiation and (if necessary) litigation. Even when parties are not engaged in an active dispute, it may be important to remove clouds on title so they don’t prevent future sales or uses of the property. Nick has extensive experience in this area and has successfully represented clients in a variety of quiet title actions, ranging from boundary-line disputes to “lost deed” scenarios.


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